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in his own defense. his attorneys have stayed tight-lipped so far but there is speculation that bulger will want to testify. he's facing a slew of charges, including 19 counts of murder. if he's found guilty of even some at age 83, he'll likely spend the rest of his life in prison. robert fitzpatrick wrote a book about trying to stop bulger. this case has been full of fireworks. deborah feyerick has been live. bring us up to date on this case. >> his lawyers have asked that the jury be sequestered during deliberations. prosecutors are against it and the judge is going to have to decide that. it's still not clear whether bulger is going to testify. they are going to testify over the period of two witnesses. key among them, a mother whose daughter was killed by bulger and her ex-boyfriend. she's going to be called to testify that her daughter was being sexually molested by the man and therefore he had a greater motive to kill her. also on this list of witnesses is a crime associate who is likely to take the fifth. the reason is that he was actually implicated in one of the murders. now,
, let me get to you react to what mark o'mara, the defense attorney for george zimmerman posted a little while ago, while juror b-29 is a model juror. "people may disagree with self-defense laws but a juror's job is not to decide what a law should be, her job is to apply the facts presented at trial to the laws they are instructed about. this is the eence of what we seek in a juror, the at to use one as common sense, apply the law to the facts, agree not to be swayed by sympathy or emotion, no matter how loudly it's argued by the prosecutors and decide a lawful and fair verdict." do you agree that juror b-29 was a, quote, model juror? >> well, i don't know if she was a model juror or not. i certainly think that she approached the process in good faith. i don't think there's any reason to doubt that she did that. but i think jeffrey makes a good point. what is really clear when we hear this juror speak is that she really misunderstood the law. she did not appropriately apply the law to the facts because she didn't understand it. and the reason why she didn't understand it could be because
me now, criminal defense attorney page pate and columnist for "chicago defender" welcome back. jason, let's start with the emotion of this case. what that juror just said that she carries this on her back and she will carry this in her forever. >> this is huge and interesting that she is the only juror that wants to come forward and be seen because there is a classic example. a difference between the law and justice. she reflects with a lot of people out there protesting over the last two and a half weeks we're talking about. everybody knows this guy did something wrong, but whether we can fit that into the law, that's the challenge. >> page, like juror b37 she seemed to be confused by the law. maddie said, "that's where i felt confused. if a person kills someone, you get charged for it. as the law was read to me, if you have no proof he killed him intentionally, you can't say he's guilty. did she get that right? >> she did get that right but she started out as a guilty, a guilty on the more serious murder charge. what happened back in the jury room is you had other jurors who had li
, and he acts in self-defense, that's incredible bad luck he found himself in that situation twice. but we'll sleep soundly. >> you would sleep soundly if you did it again? >> if he's acting legally in self-defense again, absolutely. >> and at what point does he have to take responsibility for pursuing, some would sigh stalking unarmed teenagers who are walking home? >> again, two different levels of government review have found no fault with mr. zimmerman's actions. >> i'm asking you if you do. if you think at any point he has any responsibility for his own actions? in other words, if you're going to arm this guy again, give him a gun that he's recently used to shoot an unarmed teenager. if you're going to arm him again, and that's what you've actively done. you've raised $12,000 to arm him with guns, ammunitions, security and so on, that's fine. what if he does it again? >> well, i mean, we can go through all the hypotheticals you'd like to go through, what it comes down to is that he's gone through a government review again in the second hypothetical situation that you're raising, then
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in a strong national defense, how do you have enough funding? i'm willing to cut entire departments. my problem with some of the more liberal members of the republican party is, they're not willing to cut spending other places in order to preserve national defense. >> joining me now is robert george, editorial writer for new york post, josh barrel and tim carnie, senior political columnist for the washington examiner. visiting fellow at the enterprise institute. you're team paul in this one, i take it? what do you think -- why do you think this is a good fight for the republicans to have? i sense you do think it is. and why is paul the one that you're backing, that you feel speaks for the party the best. >> first let me say i do not accept rand paul's premise that eating bacon makes you gain weights, i think it's the carbs. in the foreign policy realm, what we need and in the national security realm, as far as nsa, spying and the great stuff that you and glenn were talking about earlier, what we need is a robust debate and there hasn't been that in the republican party for a long time.
charge. he was found not guilty of aiding the enemy. cully stimson, former secretary of defense tore detainees and legal fellow with the heritage foundation and mike barrett, former intelligence officer for the office of the secretary of defense. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us. heather: why not guilty for aiding and abetting the enemy? i will start with you, cully. >> heather to, prove aiding the enemy under the statute the government had to prove one, knowingly provided intelligence to the enemy. the enemy is al qaeda an the taliban and two he did so knowingly. so there was a double burden. the judge had to be firmly convinced that was the case and clearly they didn't prove their case. one thing if he provided directly to al qaeda or taliban and posted to one of their websites. imagine this, if he gave the same information to "washington post" and guardian, and published some of it would he be charged with aiding the enemy? i doubt it. so there was a failure of proof. heather: mike, can you compare wikileaks to "washington post" and "the guardian"? >
. >>> the defense delivers closing arguments in the court marshal of bradley manning. the prosecution said he gathered information in iraq with the goal of sending it to wikileaks. they called him a traitor, not a whistleblower. >>> finally a touching duet. ♪ don't need the money, money, money ♪ ♪ we just want to make the world ♪ >> that is university of memphis quarterback jacob carom sharing a tune with an 11-year-old cancer patient. the school's star quarterback his regular visitor with the kids at the hospital, this little girl has an aggressive form of leukemia and they did some ten songs together. i'm getting goosebumps. >> ten songs? >> ten sokngs. >> powerful medicine. >> yes, sure is. >> takes very little to do that, right? >> good stuff. >> thanks, michaela. >>> time now for our political gut check all the stories you need to know coming out of washington and around the country. first up president obama this week selling what the administration calls his new economic message but is it more of the same? is it working? is it resonating? that's where cnn's chief national corres
reputed mob boss whitey bulger, the next phase will come with the defense taking over and considering putting bulger himself on the witness stand. now, that would be interesting. and this is, too, because who better to talk about the latest developments here none other than that john redshea, welcome back, sir, how you doing? >> thank you, don. i'm doing very well. thanks so much for having me this evening. >> great. red is a former associate of whitey bulger and the author of "rat bastards", john, thank you for coming here. the prosecution rested its case after 30 days, which witness will be the most memorable to the journey, you think? >> i'm going to say the two most probably will be -- well, i would say three, not just two, don, i would safe the three most witnesses would be john motarano, kevin weekes and definitely the nail in the coffin as i call him, steven "rifle man" phlegmy. >> he testified, again, this week. this time he talked about how he took his stepdaughter, debra, hussy, shopping before bringing her to bulger to be strangled. how damaging was his testimony? >> i'm go
are the people who are bankrupting the government and not letting enough money be left over for national defense. so i think it's precisely those people who are making us weak in defense. >> in fact, chris christie's new jersey pays much more into the federal government through taxation than it gets back in federal spending. for every dollar in tax revenue that new jersey sends to washington it gets back only 77 cents. where does the 23 cents go? to rand paul's kentucky and other states. think of them as the gimme states, if you will, who take much more from the federal government than they ever pay for in federal tax revenue. for every dollar rand paul's kentucky sends to washington kentucky gets back $1.57. chris christie might be seeking the electoral votes of rand paul's gimme gimme state someday. so he will probably use a different line of defense against rand paul's gimme gimme gimme nonsense. joining me now, steve mcmahon, veteran democratic strategist and co-founder of purple strategies. steve, who are you betting on in this fight? >> i love it. i hope they go and they fight to a draw an
they will issue saying this is the damage that was done when these leaks came out. his defense is going to try to say, no, the damage was not that severe he should get on the lighter end of the sentencing. >> when we think about the advocacy group they are calling this verdict a chilling warning to whistle blowers against whom the obama administration is waging an offensive. do you think he has been properly labeled a whistle-blower or more of a traitor? >> it's a tricky and subjective question. i think that a large amount of the frustration that people have with the way that manning was treated there seems to be a double standard in what the administration thinks is an acceptable leaks. leaks come outlet time but the administration has been one of the most severe if not the most severe in how it responds to leaks it doesn't want to have come out. whether or not he is a whistle bl blower is a subjective qualification. the way the government respond to do what he is what most people are concerned about. >> a grand jury is still investigating wikileaks right now and remaining at a distance of wh
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in today's air force. bret? >> jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. >>> the defense says accused wikileaks bradley manning is a whistleblower, not a traitor as the government claims. his lawyer said he wanted to provoke more debate on policy out of concern for fellow americans. he is accused of 21 criminal counts, the most serious of which, aiding the enemy. there's a life sentence. >>> a plea deal for the man at the center of the cleveland, ohio kidnapping case. ariel castro agreed to life without parole, plus a thousand years to avoid the death penalty. the former school bus driver had been charged with hundreds of counts of kidnapping and rape, plus assault and other counts as well. >>> the mother of slain teenager trayvon martin was in philadelphia today to address the national urban league. sybrina fulton supports investigation into whether george zimmerman could be charged under federal civil rights laws. she also issued a call to action against stand your ground laws. >> no grandkids coming from trayvon, all because of a law, a law that has prevented the person who
. the prosecution and defense are delivering their closing arguments in the trial of army private bradley manning. the former intelligence analyst is accused of funneling reams of documents to wikileaks in 2009 and 2010. he's also facing a charge of aiding the enemy. o.j. sump goes before a nevada parole board today but even if he's granted parole the former nfl star will not get out of prison. simpson was sentenced consecutively on several convictions meaning he would still have time to serve. his best chance for freedom is whether a judge will grant him a new trial based on claims his attorney botched his defense. one nfl rookie is making news and he hasn't even made the team yet. the titans jonathan willard was on his way to training camp when the karen front of him started smoking and burst into flames. willard and another man pulled out the woman and her two small children just in time. >> two minutes after we got everybody out of the car and to safety the car blew up. boom then probably like a couple of minutes after that, it blew up again. >>> willard said at the time he was not scared but
's defense of her husband will help resurrect her political career. this morning the "new york times" and "new york daily news" are calling for weaner to withdraw. several other candidates say he's unfit for office. he's made it clear he plans to stay in the race. >> there's no question his competitors want him to drop out because he's beating all but one. we bring in anna navarro and mr. john avalon, both cnn contributors. beautiful to have you both, thank you for being here. i'll start with you, anna. here is the question. is this new and more or is this just more of the same? how do you think this plays politic politically? >> it's certainly new and more for voters in new york and people that watch it develop on tv. perception wise it's new and more and in politics what matters is perception. he has a recurrent problem. there's a huge difference between a one-time occurrence and recurrence going on after he had been caught. this tells you this guy has a problem. >> also you have another timing this looks politically expedient for somebody, mr. avalon, that it comes to the polls hi
. >> reporter: with the continued possibility of more texts, there's no telling if abedin's defense of her husband will help resurrect his political career. >> it took a lot of work and a whole lot of therapy. to get to a place where i could forgive anthony. >> and carol, this morning, the in the in the and the "new york daily news" said weiner should withdraw from the race. his opponents are saying he's unfit for office. weiner said he's not going anywhere, staying in the mayoral race. according to the most recent polls he's still a top contender but it's yet to be seen how these new developments will impact him, how they'll impact voters and how he'll do in the polls. >> thanks so much, pamela brown. we'll talk more about the anthony weiner affair at the bottom of the hour. >>> edward snowden can now leave, russian media is roaring the russian government is giving the nsa leaker papers to enter russia legally. the visa is temporary while russia considers snowden's request for asylum. phil black is in moscow. he joins us on the phone. tell us more, phil. >> reporter: well, carol, you're r
their death. now, the defense is going to have to try to show, look, there were just too many things that happened to hold him responsible for it. it's unfortunate, but he could not have foreseen this would happen and you shouldn't hold him accountable for this. that's a tough argument the defense has. the state has a pretty strong case because these women would not be dead if he hadn't been acting with gross negligence. >> it is tragic as you say all the way around. we'll follow it and see if it goes all the way through. monica lindstrom, thank you. >> thank you. >>> a graying and humbled o.j. simpson says he is sorry for the crimes that put him in prison. perhaps for the rest of his life. here he was. appeared by video feed before nevada's parole board in support of his plea that he be granted parole for burglary, robbery and kidnapping convictions. simpson is serving a 33-year sentence and would still have to serve at least four years on two other charges, eve fn the board rules in his favor. describing his clean prison record, simpson said he is a mentor to other inmates. >> i th
defenses against attacks on information system and realizes the seriousness of this matter. they are asking anyone who uses sunet any affiliates or someone contracts with them, change their passwords. do this maybe in a week or in two weeks just depending on what they determine in their investigation. a spokes person i got off the phone with said he couldn't release any more information. they are not going to be talking to us on camera. they really don't want to hamper the investigation. so that's all we know for now. trying to talk to people to see if anybody knows about it. students and faculty and staff were informed of this. ktvu channel 2 news. >> an internet gaming cafe appears to have reopened when it shut down when a news crew showed up and started asking questions. the hills internet cafe is back in business. when our crew went inside customers were playing games and winning money. we asked the manager about the legality of the machines. the manager told everyone to leave and closed down. city attorney is threatening to file an injunction to force it to permanently close. neighbors
of a judge. it is possible manning could testify in his defense. experts say a likely sentence could be between 20 and 40 years. >>> by friday, alex rodriguez and a few other players will be suspended for doping for a very, very long time. won't end there, though. major league baseball can now go after their alleged source. a judge has ruled that baseball officials can sue the biogenesis clinic and several men associated with that clinic. the now closed south florida clinic supplied players with banned substances, bleacher reports andy shoals is here to tell us why this is so important. >> this is a big win for major league baseball because now they can use the legal system to basically talk and get depositions from everyone that was involved in the biogenesis clinic and that includes the intermediaries. now this is big for baseball and their case against a-rod because he's the big fish and he is the one saying all along, i'm going to fight this, tooth and nail to try to get back on the field. now, a big deal in this is mlb has already subpoenaed, that is a-rod's cousin and last time
martin's family, according to the state prosecutor, according to the defense. the trial wasn't about race. president obama and eric holder brought it in. instead of doing that, lead out of it, instead of inject more. >> it triggered a debate on race we have not been willing to have in this country. >> you're right. why? because every time somebody says we need to have a conversation about race, the translation is we must agree with you about it. if you were to talk about families, self reliance, that's construed as racist, expecting normal behavior is construed as bigoted who make a living off this. >> people are scared, and it is not just those that are black, people in the black community don't want to speak up like bill cosby. juan williams echoed what bill o'reilly said, gave great advice not just for blacks, but also for whites, wait to get married, don't have kids out of wedlock, it is the fastest path to poverty. eric holder and barack obama had every opportunity afforded to them. president obama's black father left him when he was two years old. his white mother raised him. he had
in self-defense and said, "the law would appear to allow a person to seek out an individual, provoke them into a confrontation, then shoot and kill him if he goes for his gun. it is very much like the wild west." one of the defense attorneys added, "you can't pick or choose who's going to benefit from a law." advocates of stand your ground tend to argue the law increases public safety, but when the courts are saying it creates a wild west, acknowledging that fact as they set killers free, it's hard to take the notion of public safety seriously. the verdict in the george zimmerman trial two weeks ago might be the most high-profile example of stand your ground's unintended consequences, but it is just one of many in the eight years since then-governor jeb bush signed stand your ground into law. 13 days ago in the wake of the zimmerman verdict, a group of protesters marched into the florida state capitol, to the reception area outside governor rick scott's office. the latest sheriff of florida's wild west and those prosecutors haven't left -- and those protesters haven't left since. first th
of entertainers that came to the defense and the horror of the trayvon martin verdict, and they are also silent. i cannot sit here and say i rely only on reverend sharpton who has escorted -- >> i don't have the regard many of my colleagues do, but i think this is -- larry, i think this is just really kind of a -- that problem seems too big to be grasps by a sound bite or by a protest. >> you hit the nail on your head when you talked about how easy it is to yell and scream about race and racism. if it were about race and racism and poverty you would expect during jim crow and the great depression to be more crime now. and i was telling this to don lemon the other day, and cnn did a poll of black teenagers, and they asked whether racism was a major problem in america and they agree with your guest, mrs. green, that it was, and then they asked a follow-up, and that is that is race and racism a problem in your own daily hraoeuz, and 89% said no problem in their own daily lives. what is going on is black leaders find it easy to yell and scream about race and racism, and the root problems have to do wi
of murder after the jury believed he was acting this self-defense. >>> a university professor accused of killing his wife by poisoning her appears in a west virginia courtroom today. friends and family are still in shock. we're taking a closer look at his possible motives. >>> president obama and hillary clinton are having lunch at the white house right now. lots of speculation surrounding what they're talking about. we're taking a closer look at this meeting. why is it so high profile. that's coming up. ♪ [ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes, take it. ♪ what? what? what? [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so good. and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore. [ male announcer ] you wait all year for summer. ♪ this summer was definitely worth the wait. ♪ summer's best event from cadillac. let summer try and pass you by. lease this cadillac srx for around $369 per
the secrets with the enemy. the defense claimed manning first set out to reveal abuses by the u.s. military in iraq. in a pretrial statement to the court, manning admitted he leaked this classified video of an apache helicopter attack in iraq that killed a number of insurgents and two innocent civilians and said he was troubled by the american crew joking about the killings. >> the most alarming aspect of the video to me, however, was seemingly delightful bloodlust that they appeared to have. for me, this seems similar to a child torturing ants with magnifying glasses." >> reporter: wikileaks owner julian assange says their owners will fight the conviction on the charges. >> it's a serious abuse, and it will mean the end of national security journalism in the united states as we know it. >> reporter: and legal experts predict manning's convictions will have a chilling effect on future leakers. >> the government is very, very serious about protecting the status of classified information, and people who disseminate it are playing with fire. >> all right. >> that was nbc's jim miklaszewski rep
fixodent. it helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. other >>> athe top of the show and throughout, we told you about anthony weiner dropping quite a number in the most recent poll since the sexting scandal. as john berman points out, it has been a summer of scandals. sounds scandalous. >> it's great to be here with you, brooke, and i mean that, that's the truth, and that might be the only true thing you hear all summer because it seems like we're in this season of lies. it's actually more like an era of lies with some big-time lies for some pretty big-time liars. check this out. ryan braun, former mvp baseball player, he's suspended now. he was telling some big lies about performance-enhancing drugs. alex rodriguez, he's back in the spotlight for having some truth issues. james clapper, the director of national intelligence had to apologize for some statements that were not completely true. and, of course, mr. anthony weiner. just listen to some of the things some of these men have said over the last few y
justify shooting an unarmed person as self-defense. since your state became the first to adopt stand your ground in 2005, the number of what's termed as justifiable homicides tripled from 12 to 35 per year, between 2005 and 2010. that's an increase of 283%. are you hearing us yet, governor?! what are those people outside your office, what they're trying to get you to hear is that it's going to take a lot more than last year's quickly assembled task force to show them that you take their concerns around this law seriously. they want real action, that shows you understand this law is unacceptable and should not be used to justify the death of an unarmed teenager. the problem does not begin with the tragedy that happened to trayvon martin. the problem does not even begin with the actions of george zimmerman. governor, the problem begins and remains with the stand your ground law. sincerely, melissa. [ dad ] so i walked into that dealer's office and you know what i walked out with? [ slurps ] [ dad ] a new passat. [ dad ] 0% apr. 60 months. done and done. [ dad ] in that driveway is a german-
? he wants to be this great champion of national defense. what does he want to do? shut down military bases in kentucky? what this debate really is about is that in order to have enough money for national defense -- which i think is a priority for the government -- you have to be willing to cut spending in other places. >>steve: who's right on this? and is this debate good for the republican party? let's talk to our republican strategist brad todd. good morning. what did you make of that give-and-take? you're the king of bacon. no, you're the king of bacon! >> i halfway expect at any moment we're going to hear more schoolyard talk than i hear from a three and four-year-old at a preschool. it's did not, did too. i think in the end it is a good debate for the republican party to have in the open. it would be worse for it to fester in the back room. >>steve: it started a couple of days ago where chris christie who apparently is okay with an n.s.a. spying program talked a little bit about how there is this strain of libertarianism going through both parties right now making big headlines.
in the "huffington post" in defense of the rights and dignity of sex workers in which i used my first-person experience to support the narrative claim that not all sex workers were victims of pimps or under control of traffickers because i hadn't, that was that story. and some days later, weeks later actually, i was front page news. >> literally front page news. >> correct. on the "new york post." >> i went back and looked at the "new york post" coverage. this is like a gift from god to the "new york post." it's like prostitute teacher in your schools. >> absolutely. they had basically taken my story and made it theirs. >> right. now, that is -- i mean, you wrote this great article for "new york" magazine talking about your perspective on watching the spitzer rehabilitation campaign. you said "five years ago eliot spitzer got caught paying women like me and now he's stumping, smiling for photographers and topping the political polls for new york's next controller. i would be find with spitzer's return to politics. apologizing and get might career back wasn't exactly an option our soci
be kept locked up after serving their sentences. former prosecutor, jim hammer and washington defense lawyer, ted williams. you go to trial, you get a conviction, you serve your time. and then, you are allowed to leave and then nobody wants you in the community. so, what is the solution on this one? >> well, the solution is in california is in the right column here, about 20 states in the united states have civil commitment laws. even after convicted, if you are deemed dangerous, and i cannot think of a more dangerous guy, you can have civil proceeding, and lock this guy up, so that 13-year-old boys and parents do not live in terror. it's a nightmare. he will be released and this guy has a high chance of offending again. >> here is what i see, i will go to ted on this. ted, the guy has done his time, he has not done another crime, he has done everything that society asked him. everyone is terrified and everyone knows that pedophiles, they just, for some reason, they just keep doing it and you cannot just sort of lock people up if they are not crazy and meet a civil standard, and in so
've ever seen in that the judge, prosecutor, defense attorney, probation, treatment professionals, everyone gets together and work as a team to actually try to help drug addicted offenders get lives back and get clean and somebo sober. >> so this is for first-time, non-violent drug offenders, correct? i can say that slower, but that's who -- that's who it's for primarily, right? >> actually, it's for offenders who are really pretty seriously engaged in the criminal justice system. they may have been on probation many times and in and out of jail. the key is they are seriously addicted to drugs and nothing else is working. so this team, this drug court team fashions a sentence or a plea agreement that connects them to treatment services that truly helps get them their life back. >> great. and what is the success rate of drug court? >> 75% of the graduates never see another pair of handcuffs. we heard that in the psa but that doesn't tell the entire story. actually, we cut crime in half compared to jail and prison. so we literally can cut crime up to 50% but using this drug court model, versu
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over for national defense. >> people have stopped being polite and started getting real in the republican party. that was senator rand paul, tea party hero of kentucky, and likely presidential candidate, going hard at the gop's neocon wing and throwing in a jab on disaster relief for good measure. paul was responding primarily to comments made by new jersey governor chris christie seen by many as one of paul's chief potential rivals for the 2016 republican nomination. chris christie criticized the party's libertarian shift on matters of national security at a recent panel discussion in colorado. >> this strain of libertarianism that's going through both parties right now and making big headlines, i think, is a very dangerous thought. >> christie took that shot in the wake of the house's vote to defund nsa bulk collection of phone records which failed by a narrow margin. christie's attempt to stamp out a growing fire of skepticism among the republican base toward everything from mass surveillance to foreign wars. a base that appears to be moving in a decidedly rand paulia
responsive and know the way we defend our country, the way that we have enough money for national defense is by being frugal and not by saying give me, give me, give me all the time. >> i think you ratcheted up for lib bear generals. specifically, what i think he was referring to is your criticism of the nsa. i support the patriot act but who wrote that bill did not include what happened with the nsa. there's a distinction, is there not? >> you're absolutely right. we fought the american revolution due to the fact that we didn't want a warrant to apply to millions of people. the fourth amendment says it has to be a specific person, a place, and you have to name the items and you have to go to a judge and say there's probable cause. and here's the thing, i'm all for getting terrorists. i'm all for -- if i were the judge, absolutely, say yes. get the records. i'm first spying on terrorists. i'm not for spying on every american. and so people like the governor who are, i guess, flippant about privacy, flippant about the fourth amendment and flippant about the rights, they are laying their li
episode that will become public now. >> joe -- >> i was going to say in his defense when he was in the "people" magazine article -- seriously. no. he was in the "people" magazine article, they were interviewing him they asked if it was in i had past and he said yes it was in his past. he really had not flash ad woman online since he had gone to the "people" bathroom right down the hall. >> he was sexting while huma was speaking the other day at the press conference. >> the definition of is is and this is the definition of past is. let's see the next round ever polls, willie. i mean if you have the next group of polls showing him still in the hunt then he's got, i think he's got a really good chance in a three way race but i suspect we may see a bit of a collapse. you're right. you're riding in the cab, the guy is laughing at him. new yorkers don't apartment mayor that's a laughing stock. >> quite a line in the therapist resume, i helped anthony weiner out. >> sure never fine her. >> you made an important point. which guy. here's the front of the "new york daily news." here's
handed over hundreds of thousands of top secret files. his defense says that is not true. >> an amazing surveillance video shows at moment a passenger train jumped the tracks. see the video and h
defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. >>> all right. welcome back @donlemoncnn, i'm getting a lot of people that agree with me and some that don't. it doesn't matter to me, it needed to be said. chicago congresswoman is here with us along with the rest of my panel. thank you for joining us. i appreciate you coming in here on a saturday. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you. i'll start with you, congresswoman, did you take issue -- >> okay. >> -- anything i said or do you think those are tough words that people need to hear? >> i mean, i think it's depending -- there's some people that fit what you're saying but also we tend to -- i told you i felt like it was a little harsh because we tend to talk about black-on-black crime but if you look at the percentages, there's white-on-white crime. if you look at the mass murders, those are mostly whites. white males that have killed in a massive way. >> but african-american, young african-american men, commit more crime than any other age group, any other ethnicity combined, so why would -- wh
.s.a. to stop its spying on americans. the amendments are part of a defense spending bill. the effort to halt the spying bringing together democrats and republicans. >> the debate really comes down to whether we want to allow the n.s.a. to collect these records or whether we want to deny them the funding to do so. >> this means the government's authority to collect information on law-abiding americans is essentially limitless. >>gretchen: overnight we learned edward snowden, the man who leaked how widespread the spying is could be granted temporary asylum today in russia, according to his lawyers this. >>> prince william and kate middleton revealing their baby boy to the world. the future king of england managing his first royal wave. right on queue he waved. the proud parents say they still haven't settled on that name. >> he's a big boy, a little heavy. but we're still working on a name. we'll have that as soon as we can. >> i think any parent knows what this feeling is like. >>gretchen: the duchess paid special tribute to the late princess diana. i didn't realize this when i saw the first
a horrible job of drawing the lines between the dots. and let's admit it, the defense had the wind behind its back and it was able to make an argument and a narrative that was compelling, even to a woman who emotionally felt that this was the wrong decision. >> i felt, congresswoman, i think that's part of what was so stunning about what she said, is actually here -- you know, we've had the president say trayvon martin could have been my son or if i had a son he would look like trayvon martin. well, her sons might also look like trayvon martin. might be subject to the same pressures. and yet she still felt that the law made it impossible for her to move on that instinct that she was having. >> sure. and this explains i think very clearly why we need to repeal first of all the stand your ground laws. that's a must do. secondly, it also reveals inequities in our criminal justice system that need to be looked at and closed. thirdly, melissa, i just have to say, and i agree with you, michael, but every now and then you have to take a stand. i would have hung that jury. i would have hung that jury
. >> if senator paul wants to look at where he's going to cut spending to afford defense maybe he should look at cutting the pork barrel spending he brings home to kentucky. >> this is the king of bacon talking about bacon? we have two military bases in kent candidate as governor christie, is he recommending we shut down our military bases? >> i mean well that's one way to put it i guess. what is going on between these two men? >> it july, almost august 2013 or are we in 2015-2016. two of the most colorful, confident and combative voices in the republican party, it's about politics and something bigger. the republicans are out of power, they've lost the last two presidential elections so you're trying to find out not only who you want as a leader but who you are as a party. what are they fighting about, taxing and spending, pork barrel spending, rand paul and chris christie in a big fight over the nsa surveillance program. chris christie says it's a good program, talks about the 9/11 victims in his state of new jersey, rand paul says it's too much government so they're having a big debate abo
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